Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Time for Life

I am back!  I really thought about the blog and if I would do anything with it anymore.  Sadly, over the last year Facebook has just been easier to upload pics of the kids.  It is just not as fun though.  I stink at baby books etc.  So this has always been a fun way to capture moments, quotes, and memories.  I was also frustrated when I started using Pinterest and found great recipes, made them and then went back to do it again and the recipe was gone.  So I am back to the blogging world and have made it a goal to phase out Facebook for many reasons!

With the new year lots of changes have come to the Murphy house.  Of course we have a new little one Isla, who was born in June.  She is the best thing since sliced bread!  Everyone adores her.  I feel like I have always had family as a priority, but I have been able to really maximize this since January 1.  I had some changes in my work world and I am no longer working for Hussmann. (Full-time at least)  The last 3 years have been great working at home, but some of the hours I have put in on top of being a full-time mommy were crazy!  So with changes at work, I decided that I couldn't take a position that would have me in St. Louis a whole week each month.  I am now just doing some contract work for them here and there.  It is nice to still have my own "work" thing, but also SUPER nice to have more MOMMY time.  We have lots of moments like the pic above and I feel like I have a ton more control over my life.  So with that, I am back to blogging!

P.S.  I found a great little trick this week.  If you have a wood piece of furniture that has a knick or some of the varnish came off you can use walnuts and rub them over it and it almost makes them disappear!  Love it!

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