Thursday, February 27, 2014

8 Months!

How is it even possible that the tiny baby that I brought home is 8 months old today?  Isla is amazing us everyday with her fast growth!!!  Here is a snapshot of Isla:
  • She would live in the bath if she could.
  • She thinks her big brother and sister are the best thing ever.  (However we did have our first sister fight!  Isla was not pleased that Madeline didn't want her playing with some of her toys)
  • I don't think C or M were nearly as ticklish as Isla is.  She also has the best laugh, it is a full on belly laugh.
  • She loves to eat, she even loves the gross mixed veggies.  She really loves to be able to pick up her food so I think she will be moving to that sooner than C and M did.  Keely is loving this stage and Isla occasionally gets the big slobbery tongue bath.
  • She is crawling slowly, and loves to stand up at the couch, her crib, or anywhere else it is possible.
  • Not shocking, but EVERYTHING goes in her mouth.  UGH, I am on constant surveillance mode to make sure legos, etc are not on the floor.
  • She says dadadadada all the time and if you ask where he is she starts looking for him.  She has a huge smile on her face when he walks in the door each night.
I could go on for a long time.  She is such a sweet baby and very easy going.  She gets toted around a lot to brother and sister's activities so she is a saint for putting up with the car seat and car rides.  WE LOVE HER SOOOOO MUCH!  HAPPY 8 MONTH BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!

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