Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nap Time Update

So I knew that nap time would be the biggest struggle. Clayton isn't a fan of naps to begin with. We wanted to do all or nothing though, as I thought it would be too confusing to be in a different bed for a nap than at night. Go big or go home, right? :) Well, it took a couple of trips in to tell him he needed to stop pulling his clothes down from the closet and get in bed, and a lot of crying. Eventually, success again! I checked on him and he is sound asleep in his bed!
Now I will say Nana wouldn't have made it for the nap, she can barley handle him crying for 2 seconds. Hense the fact he was still up at 9pm when Justin and I went out for dinner when they were visiting. :) We will have to make sure the crying is down to less than 5 min before the baby comes and Nana and Papa come. :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Play by Play of the First Night in the Big Boy Bed

So, I have a lot of posting to do, but tonight was Clayton's first night in his big boy bed. Ok, I should say big boy room, not sure yet if he is in the bed but doubting it. So here is the action.

8:45 Past his bedtime, but we thought he would need to be tired to try this. Justin and I go in to read him a couple of books
9:04 Put him in bed, give him kisses and we leave
9:05 Mom and Clayton are a mess. Clayton is out of bed and doing who knows what, Mom can't believe her little baby is a big boy!
9:07 Clayton is pounding on the door
9:09 Fingers under the door saying Hi!
9:10 In the closet
9:11 Crying at the door
9:15 Back in the closet
9:17 Took the vent out of the floor (Justin has to go in)
9:19 Balling
9:20 Trying to open the door
9:22 Quiet
9:30 Heard him talking to himself
9:33 Quiet, Justin is slightly concerned his head could be in the vent :) Really we are just worried he will fall asleep on the floor by the door. Our plan is to put the gate up and open the door once he is asleep and we are going to bed. Won't be good if we hit him opening the door.

Still quite at 9:40. Crossing our fingers. We will give an update tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I can't wait for February to be over!!!!!!!! More on that later.

Update: Just checked on him and my AWESOME son climbed in bed on his own and is sleeping! Less than hour the first night. I am impressed. Won't hold my breath for tomorrow, but success is sweet! Just wait for nap time. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First climb into the "Big Boy" Bed!

We have been getting lots done around the house. Last weekend the painter came and did Clayton's room and did some touch up work we needed. Justin's parents came down and Clayton got to play with Grandma while Justin and Dennis finished some work in the basement. I was a little sick and then it all got worse. I really don't get sick that often knock on wood and this time I got slammed! I was sick for about 11 days and finally started feeling better on Thursday. Lets just hope we can all stay healthy for the next 6 weeks till the baby gets here!

Finally, Nana and Papa came back from Arizona and Clayton was soooo excited to see them. Of course we put them right to work. :) Dad and I got Clayton's bed converted to the toddler bed, mom helped me get things hung in his room and catch up on laundry from my week of sickness. They also took Clayton and I out to a yummy breakfast. Justin had to go to a silly meeting. :( Clayton had so much fun. Nana and Papa babysat so Justin and I could go to dinner on Friday night. (I will get those pics up too) Of course there was some bubble fun! Clayton really likes his room and we will work on sleeping in there next weekend. The great news, it is only Saturday. The boys are napping, Keely is napping and we will have plenty of time this afternoon to get more done! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Kitty Kitty

Oh Keely, sometimes we think we got a cat instead of a dog. :) She likes to lay on the back of the couch like she is a cat! We love you Keely!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Making Fun!

Clayton had fun making Valentines the other day. The silly brown marker lid just wouldn't come off and when he finally got it off it left a mark! :) He is quite the artist!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clayton Loves Papa and Bubbles!

Clayton was very excited to have Nana and Papa come on Saturday. They stayed for 2 nights before heading to AZ for vacation on Monday. When Clayton came home from the babysitter on Monday he was looking for Papa and saying it and then asking for Bubbles. So he can't say Nana yet but he has renamed her Bubbles because they had such a great time playing with them.
Bubbles is a lifesaver to me too! Mom cleaned all my baseboards, lower walls and some windows! She is crazy. It is great though because we have the painter coming Saturday and the carpets are getting cleaned Monday. We are in full baby preparation mode! :)
Papa and Bubbles, we can't wait to see you next Thursday! We love you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Murphy Update!

Wow, I can hardly believe I am 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow. My original due date was April 2, but the doctor is going off the first ultrasound that puts me at April 8. So I am somewhere between 31 to 32 weeks. I wont be going past April 15 so we might have a tax baby. I was just telling my parents tonight how strange it is to be walking around and doing things 31 weeks pregnant. I had already been on bed rest for a couple of weeks at this point with the boys. Our little one is quite the mover and reminds me he/she is there all the time. It is getting harder and harder to bend over and with a almost 2 year old I am constantly doing that. :) I had a doctor's appointment today and everything looks great. I am feeling good too and no contractions! Yippee!

We hope to have Clayton moved into his new bedroom later this month once we have some painting done and then the carpets cleaned. I am definitely getting into the nesting stage and have a list a mile long of things to get accomplished. Justin is happy I can assist with this list! :)

I might put at least one pic up of me and Baby Murphy, we will see. :) Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend of Fun in Savoy!

We are trying to get some last minute trips in before I am too uncomfortable to travel and of course we wanted to go see Aunt Anna and Uncle David in Savoy. Clayton was super excited to go there. We had so much fun hanging out with them and had a wonderful dinner on Saturday night. The pictures below don't even need captions, they are probably the funniest pictures of Clayton I have seen. Thanks Aunt Anna for taking the pictures and we can't wait to see you and Uncle David again soon!