Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swim Lessons

The kiddos took swim lessons at the River Plex this spring and loved it. It worked out that they had them back to back so while the other one was doing lessons they got to play in the fun zero depth pool that has slides, etc.  They both loved the water although Clayton preffered the pools with the warmer water!

5 Years Old!

Wow, I am once again behind but our big boy turned 5 back in April!  I can't imagine that this guy was born 2lbs 1 oz 5 years ago.  He has come soooo far.  He is finishing his last year of preschool and has really enjoyed Purple Panda.  He loves legos, being outside, exploring and reading.  He is in a lego club at the library and you can see in the pic above what he made.  Maddie got him an experiment kit for his birthday which is right up his alley.  He loves to tell us know what he will do when he is grown up, like stay up all night and drink soda!  He has started tball, just finished swimming lessons and is doing running club again.  He likes to stay busy busy!  We love you buddy!