Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Flower Girl Might Just Walk Down the Aisle

Yep, that's right! On Wednesday, April 27 our little girl took her first big girl steps! I have to say while this makes me a little sad to see my baby growing up, but I am super excited! I do smile at the idea of not feeling I need to wash her hands every 2 seconds because they are always on the ground! It was sooo cute she walked to mama! I love her and Clayton is excited he might have a flower girl to walk with at Anna Banana & Uncle Davids Wedding!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Talking Todder Tuesday II

So my dad said that I wasn't telling everyone "all" the things Clayton said. I think he thought I was editing. :) I will share some things from the last week that will show this is not true! :)

Clayton: Mommy there is Boo Boo Butt
Mommy: Clayton we don't say that. You can call her Boo Boo Bear
Clayton: Daddy tells me that (meaning not to say that), but you laugh when I say it

Forgot this one from a couple of weeks ago
Mommy: Clayton do you want to get a new room and move to a new house? We are selling our house in St. Louis.
Clayton: No, Daddy should sell his "work house"
Oh don't we wish it was that simple

Clayton got a bubble maker from his Super Aunt Jane, Uncle Bill, Chris and Sean. He LOVES it. We were driving home from the post office after picking it up and he told me it was a sump pump. :)

We went on a walk today, thank goodness it was nice enough to get outside. I would like to live in a desert for awhile. Clayton wasn't listening to me and we needed to get back to the car. Once we were in the car:
Clayton: Mommy I wasn't listening
Mommy: I know, how come
Clayton: I was too busy

Scary thing, he is just like his mom! Hope everyone is having a good week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talking Toddler Tuesday

It is time for confessions. I am super bad when it comes to baby books. I consider myself organized and OCD, but for some reason struggled with updating baby books. I will say I justify this or make it ok in my head because I keep this blog and do a decent job with pictures so the kids will have these to look at someday. I am super excited about the new sites that turn your blog into a book. I had thought about trying it on my own, but anything that slaps it in a book for me I am grateful for!

So, I decided I need to start blogging about things that the kids say and do so we will have that to remember too. So here are some recent highlights:

Clayton: Mommy we have to take care of babies
Mommy: Yes we do
Clayton: I take care of Boo Boo and you take care of Daddy :)

Yesterday we were walking out the door to go to run an errand. I had both kids and the dog and Keely was pulling. I was getting frustrated and Clayton says "Mommy I have your back".

Clayton sometimes forgets to use his manners and I will say "Clayton how do we ask" so now every time he asks for something it goes like this:
Clayton: Mommy can I have some milk
Clayton: How do I ask?
Clayton: Please can I have some milk
(Seems like a lot more work, but hey if it means he uses his manners I will take it)

Mommy and Daddy were "discussing" something the other night and Clayton says "Daddy calm down" HA

Maddie Boo can't talk yet, but Clayton sure talks for her sometimes. She is so funny and is starting to really let us know what she likes and doesn't like. She is not afraid of anything. She got a Little Tikes rocking chair for her birthday and she loves to get in it and stand up. Oh boy!

Ok, well more funny stuff to come, and some birthday posts too! Sure hope this weather gets better!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays and More Birthdays

There are many days that I could describe life with a Berenstain Bears Book Title. Right now it would be "The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday". :) Don't get me wrong, we have had a blast. I just dont want to see a cake, ballon, or a child that has had too much sugar or received too many gifts for awhile.

This will be multiple posts as even though the kids share their birthdays over a week period I try to give them their own day. This year Clayton picked out his theme. Of course Thomas the Train and we did the classic Madeline party for Maddie Boo. Even with the craziness that is our life right now, we managed to make the invites, get the custom made cakes, decorate the "work house" for both bdays and Justin even made Ribs for the family birthday celebration in St. Peters.

We are now settled back in and making the last push at selling the house. We have a deadline of April 29, and if it doesn't sell we are pulling it off and trying to rent it out. It is time for the Murphys to be in a house and settled in! Clayton starts swim lessons tonight so we have a lot of fun things going on.

Hope everyone is enjoying this great spring weather!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super Aunt Barb

This trait came from Super Aunt Barb, and yes she did suck on a piece. Yuck!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lots of Fun, Lots of Pictures

We got to spend a long weekend in March at Mimi and Papas! We had so much fun. Clayton watched basketball with Uncle David (See Boo Boo in the corner of the pic), we took gator rides, Maddie loved rocking in the rocking chair at Mimi's house, Clayton helped clear brush at the farm, cleaned out the birdhouses (Clayton liked watching the mice run out) and he has a new best friend MAMA KITTY. Yes that is right the kid who has hated cats his whole life now loves one! Mama Kitty belongs to Clayton's Great Mimi and Papa. She is one spoiled farm cat. She has a "nanny" when my grandparents are out of town who comes to feed her and pet her. She has beds in the barn and corn crib. Clayton got to feed and brush her. Clayton talks about Mama Kitty all the time now and can't wait to get back to Galena for Easter so he can see Great Mimi, Great Papa and Mama Kitty.

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. Justin has been on call for the last 2 weeks helping to cover for a co-worker one of the weeks while he was on vacation. So we were excited to be able to relax and do some fun things. On Saturday we met Anna Banana and Uncle David in Bloomington and went to the Childrens Museum. It is fantastic! There is so much to do for everyone including Maddie's age all the way up to Uncle David. :) The highlights were definitly the water and paint play. However Clayton really got into making pizzas and grocery shopping. Hum, mommy would love to pass on that job duty to him! We then went for a yummy lunch at our favorite Irish pub which is about 10 steps from the museum. Can't beleive the weather out there yesterday. I am ready for Spring, but not summer yet! We got to enjoy it though with some walks and playing outside. This starts our Birthday week extravaganza. I can't beleive by next Monday I will have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Ok, makes me want to cry. Growing up TOOOOOOOOO fast. Have a great day everyone!