Monday, February 3, 2014

Most days I have these two staring at me in the kitchen/begging for food

These two are going to be best friends

Playing store on one of our snow/cold days with brother and sister

I can't believe that Isla is 7 months old.  She is changing and growing so much everyday.  She is a Momma's girl for sure.  (That may be my fault)  Who knew knowing you were having your last baby would make you crazy and throw out all the rules :)  She does love her daddy though and has a big smile for him as soon as he walks through the door.  Talk about rule breaking, he let her suck on a freezy pop one time and now if any of us have food she thinks she is entitled to it.  She doesn't have any teeth yet though, so she is pretty limited on options.  Thankfully, she is like her older siblings and loves all the veggie baby food.  Mixed Veggies seems to be one of her favorites actually, which if you ask me it tastes just plain gross.  I have been making some food for her; sweet potatoes, carrots and avocados.  I am not great at remembering milestones, I should go back on this blog and look when C and M started crawling.  Isla seems content to roll around to whatever she wants and with two full time helpers (C&M) I think she knows there is very little she really needs to do on her own.  Isla's hair is also looking a lot more red than the other two.  We shall see as it comes in.  Right now she loves taking baths, reading stories and just watching C&M run around!  She is just too much fun!

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