Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking Forward to a Long Labor Day Weekend!

Clayton in his PJs Super Aunt Jane got him. He is a pretty happy guy in the morning once he finally gets up!

Clayton asks mom "So what are we going to do today?"

Where has the summer gone? It is hard to believe it is already Labor Day. We are excited because Justin has all next week off and I am only working Tuesday so we will have a nice extended Labor Day weekend. We plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing! Clayton is doing fantastic. We estimate his weight at about 9 lbs. He will have another doctors appointment at the end of September. Last week was our final week of having family here to babysit. Grandpa W took the last stint! Clayton had so much fun hanging out with everyone on Mondays and Tuesdays. We can't ever begin to thank everyone for their help. It is great that Clayton will be 5 months old before he has to start at the sitters. One note, Justin is glad Grandpa isn't babysitting anymore because Justin came home from work last week and found Clayton now has 2 White Sox onesies and shorts. Grandpa said he needs something to wear for the World Series! The poor kid, he is going to be so confused. Good thing everyone in our family is Bears fans!

We were able to go to a Cardinals game last weekend with our friends Nate and Amanda. We had a wonderful time and had awesome seats! Thanks guys! Justin got in another game earlier in the week too. Clayton is looking forward to his first Illini game on Saturday! We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can womp on Mizzou! GO ILLINI!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Hugs and Kisses!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Luck Ali!

Today is one of our great nurses (Ali, on the right) at St. Louis Children's Hospital's last day! She is moving to KC. Clayton wanted to wish her good luck and tell her we will miss her in November when we come to visit. Hopefully she will stay in contact and we can see her sometime when she is in town!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clayton's 4 Month Photo Shoot

Ok, so Terri is going to laugh when she sees this. She posted the pics on her photo sight and I saw them today so I have to get the link up for everyone. Hope you enjoy!
Click on the Client Login
Under August 2008 Click on Clayton 4 Months
You will have to click on Clayton 4 Months again
Put in your email address
The password is all lowercase "clayton" again!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Clayton Enjoys the Summer

I can't believe how fast the summer is going. We are looking forward to some cooler weather though so we can get Clayton outside more. I know I haven't gotten a lot of pictures up latley so I wanted to do that today. Clayton and I were lucky to have Daddy home today for Clayton's second photo shoot. We are looking forward to sharing the pictures again. Terri, our photographer told us Clayton had the most "hits" on his pictures of any client she has had! Wow, he is popular! Clayton was lucky to have Nana and Grandpa come down this last weekend and stay to babysit on Monday and Tuesday. We even got to celebrate grandpas birthday! It is amazing how much more interactive he is. He loves smiling and cooing at us. I am going to attempt a video so everyone can hear him. I may need to consult with my couisn Karin who is a pro on her blog. Well, hope everyone has a good end of the week! Hugs and kisses from the Murphys!

Clayton enjoys watching his fish go round and round!

Clayton smiles at Nana. He was wearing his insect outfit the Panthers got him. I think they were talking about future bug collections he will do.

Clayton and Grandpa get ready to blow out the candles. Clayton was hoping grandpa would give him a bite!

Clayton and Keely hang out on the couch. I think they were both a little tired!

Mommy and Clayton, I love Wednesdays with him at home!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Clayton Misses his NICU Nurses

Most of you may have seen this picture from Clayton's photo shoot. During the last few days of his hospital stay, Clayton had his nurses write messages and sign his baseball. That is the baseball in the picture. While we are glad to be home, Clayton does miss all of his nurses! I won't mention names for everyones privacy, but here are some people he wanted me to mention.
  • He loved his nurse that "liked torturing" him while he took his bath. She is a big Cardinals fan!
  • He misses his nurse who was the best burper in the world. I think she will know who she is if I mention her husband always thinks she gets her hair highlighted!
  • He misses the crazy nurse who thought his mom put him in the big blue chair and who charged his daddy for all the questions he asked! Hugs and kisses!
  • He hopes one of his favorite nurses that took her girls to Disney World takes him someday! He loves roller coasters!
  • He misses the nurse who always checked on him and hid under the table with her son during the earthquake of 2008!
  • He sends a big Thank You to his nurse that gave him his cute baby giraffee and who he always wished worked more than part-time so we could see her more.
  • He wants to say hi to his nurse that was always peaking in the room at his mommy! Ha Ha Ha
  • He asks where his blonde, curlied hair nurse who he thought was his girlfriend is, Daddy said she gave him too hard of a time and was just as big of a smart mouth as he was!

We can't ever begin to thank everyone there for all their love, support and great care they provided. We had a great nurse-practioner and Doctors too! Clayton loves that you all still check in on him and he can't wait to come visit in November. We will make sure we give you all a heads up what day we will be there.