Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Armed and Dangerous!

Last night Clayton learned how to use the jet spray on the hose. OH BOY! I am posting because at the moment I am a prisoner in the house since he is jet spraying the patio door so I can't go outside with out getting soaked and the house getting soaked! :) Note to self think about these sort of things before showing a 2 year old how to do something! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Time Fun

We had a nice relaxing weekend at home. Clayton got to play with his friend Jayce and play outside a ton. Justin got to hit some balls in preparation for his first golf game of the year this weekend. Maddie got to play with daddy, which she loves to do. I don't think we were quite ready for the 90 degree weather, but not much we can do about that. We are headed to Galena for the long weekend and then Maddie, Clayton and I are staying all week!
Bright eyes!

Grilling in his swim trunks at 8am. That is normal right?

Cheers! Clayton loves doing this.

How do you entertain a 2 year old on a hot day? Give them the bag of bottles from the hospital.

The boys just hanging out!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Photo Fun!

Yippee, it isn't raining! Clayton outside wearing his "hat"

Madeline got all dressed up to go visit Mommy's work.

Clayton is such a big boy he is eating with a real fork and spoon now!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Maddie's 1st Real Bath

Maddie finally had her first real bath. She seems to enjoy them so that is good. Clayton wanted to participate and even sported his cow towel while Maddie wore her "hop" towel. We had a nice weekend. Aunt Anna was here till Saturday and then we headed to Tville for Heather's graduation party. Madeline got to meet some great grandparents and some friends. Now I just wish this weather would get better! Happy Monday to everyone.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Madeline 1 Month

Madeline went for her 1 month doctor's visit on Monday. She is doing great. She weighed in at 8lbs 2 oz and was 20.75 inches long. This probably doesn't seem like a lot to most people. It seems my friends are having over 8lb baby's all the time. This is huge to us though. I have to say I would never want to have a 2lber again, but having a petite baby is nice, you get to enjoy the newborn stage longer! :) Maddie had to get one shot and got a barbie bandaid! :)

We are doing wonderful and have enjoyed having Aunt Anna here this week. She is so much help and the kids love her. Clayton has mastered her and Uncle David's names and it is so cute. Anna and Clayton are at the library right now.

I am including one of the pics we had taken for Maddie's newborn session. I will get the link up for the rest as soon as I have it. I love this pic. My great-grandfather bought these blocks and she is laying on the shelf in a hutch that our wonderful family friend Terry Ruehmer built.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend!

We spent a wonderful Mother's Day weekend in Savoy this year. Anna graduated from Eastern with a Masters in School Counseling. We are so proud of her and so happy we could share this moment with her. She has worked soooo hard! Anna's graduation was Friday night so we had the rest of the weekend to hang out. My dad made us go shopping on Saturday, ha ha. Other than that we hung out, played outside and even took Clayton to the park on Sunday. Can't forget mom, Anna and I did some rearranging of furniture. Sorry David, that is what happens when you take a nap! :) David made awesome pizzas on the grill Saturday night and Anna made a delicious brunch on Sunday. We had such a great time and it is always comical to see how many of us can fit in Anna and David's place. 6 adults, 2 kids and a dog in a 1 1/2 bedroom apt!!! I love my family and had a wonderful Mother's Day! Love you tons Mom!

P.S. This was Maddie's first big adventure. The kids did awesome on the way there and I didn't have to stop at all. The way back was a little different. 6 stops later and we finally made it home. Oh well, lets just keep our fingers crossed that Memorial Day trip to Galena goes better.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 Weeks Already!

Wow, time goes so fast. I can't believe our little Madeline was born 4 weeks ago today. It seems like just yesterday. She is such a doll and growing fast! She is already awake a lot more. Clayton and I have been reading her lots of stories. Clayton loves to help throw her diapers away, give her kisses, say she is stinky and so on. They are going to have lots of fun together! Here are some pics of our little girl!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Face Down

Clayton face down in his water table.

Yes mom, I love this thing, can't you tell by my soaking wet clothes and hair.

Just like Great Grandpa!

Clayton's Great Grandpa Clayton is known to love Ketchup and put it on a lot of things! Clayton is following in his taste bud footsteps and given the chance will dip everything from cheese to meat in ketchup. Last night he discovered it is quite good on green beans. YUCK :)