Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Vacation 2009!

So, I haven't posted in like three weeks. For good reason, we have been enjoying time with family on vacation in North Carolina. It is a family tradition that my family, my mom's sister's families and my grandparents get together in North Carolina at the beach for a week every other summer. We have done this now since I was in 8th grade I think. I am having my 10 year reunion this year, so you do the math. It is the best vacation ever!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you can see how much fun we had by the pictures above.

Mom, this is for you:
Murphy Top Highlights from Vacation
  1. Going on long walks and talking
  2. Watching Nana and Grandpa with Clayton in the pool, on the beach, etc.
  3. Sitting down to dinner with 14 people and being thankful for all those dinners Anna, mom, dad and I had together
  4. Clayton having slumber parties with Nana and Grandpa
  5. Taking Clayton to the pool for the first time with Grandpa
  6. Hearing my grandma and grandpa tell stories
  7. Eating yummy food
  8. Justin's Nascar sun glasses
  9. Going to Bullocks
  10. Clayton taking his first plane ride
  11. Playing Euker and Pitch
  12. Bonita and Romero's hospitality at their house in Chapel Hill
  13. Hanging out with my sister
  14. Going to a Durham Bulls game
  15. Dad's stained clothes (Sorry dad, maybe mom can learn how to do laundry now that she is retired. :
  16. My mom, and aunts losing the shopping cart at the grocery store
  17. Watching my grandparents celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary
  18. Justin and David hanging out in the hot tub :)

So many days we go through the motions of the day and don't take time to enjoy the little moments. I am sooooooo guilty of this. I look at the pictures in this slide show and see everyone I love. We have so much to be thankful for. How many families can have everyone in the same place at the same time and have so much fun. I have wonderful aunts and uncles that have always been there for me. I have cousins that while we might be separated by age, we always have a good time together. I have grandparents that are truly my heros in so many ways. I have parents that have always put my sister and I first and who have given me such wonderful experiences like these vacations. I have a sister who is and will always be my best friend. I have a life partner-in-law who I love because of the way he makes my sister smile and has become a huge part of our family. I now have a husband and child who I love to share these moments and my family with. So, take time, take time to watch your kids, to see family members, to relax! The summer isn't over!

Thanks for the great vacation everyone! Can't wait till next time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clayton's big Adventure with Nana and Aunt Ellie

Over Memorial weekend Grandpa and Nana took Clayton on many wagon rides. This is one of the "nature" rides that Nana took Clayton on, through their forest. Clayton loves being in the wagon. Oh, and Aunt Ellie tagged along as an extra guide.