Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Slide Show

Well, after looking at all the great pics I had from Christmas I couldn't decide which ones to post. I found a way to do a slide show and thought that would be a great way to let everyone see our holiday!

Here are some of my top memories from Christmas 2008:
  • Taking Clayton to his great grandparents farm for the first time. I spent every Christmas in Galena as a child and I am so lucky to have had so many precious moments there with my family. I look forward to Clayton enjoying the farm as much as I have.
  • Justin getting to the farm early and surprising us on Christmas Eve!
  • Watching Clayton open his first Christmas presents. (We should all be so happy to tear paper!)
  • Going to lunch with all the ladies at Grants place. (Thanks Uncle David for babysitting Clayton, even though he was a little grumpy with you!)
  • Watching my grandmother read The Night Before Christmas to my son.
  • Seeing the look on Nana and Grandpa's face every time they see Clayton.
  • Clayton meeting Great Grandma Willy, his Great Aunt Lisa and his Super Uncle Dale.
  • Watching Keely run and "hunt" in the snowy fields.
  • Learning about the Titanic and how it was a large ship that sank! Thanks for the history lesson Aunt Barb!
  • Waking up with my husband, sister, son and dog on Christmas morning all in the same bedroom! (Anna warned Justin at our wedding that we would still need to sleep in the same room from time to time)
  • Having brunch with some girls from High School who I haven't seen in forever!
  • Having a whole week with my family!!!!!!! I miss you guys already!

We can't thank our families enough for making the holidays special for us and Clayton. In a year that has brought such joy and sadness, we truly do have a lot to be thankful for. We miss Jaxson so much and holidays like Christmas are very bittersweet.

We are looking forward to a low key New Years at home. We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Love The Murphys

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Where did Christmas go?

It is hard to believe that Christmas is over and that the New Year is days away. We had such a wonderful time in Galesburg and Galena. Clayton and I went to Galesburg on the 21st and then up to Galena on the 22nd. The snow was beautiful, I miss that part of the winter season. It is amazing what 3 hours can do in regards to the weather. We mostly get ice in the St. Louis area. We got to see all of our family in Galena and Clayton was SPOILED! He had so much fun playing with everyone. Keely loved running around in the fields on the farm. She was one tired pup! I think she is still recovering. I am going to have to spread this over a couple of posts because there are so many pictures I want to post. Here are some SNOW pictures from my grandparents farm. It is hard to capture what a gorgeous place it is!

My Grandparent's barn on Christmas Eve as it snowed from the lane.

Yes, it looks like Justin and I are going to rob a bank! Keely loves her coat, we just need to get her some boots!

A snowy look at the farm

Classic picture of my mom sledding! (Mom, I am sure you were yelling shoot!)

Justin laying in his snow recliner after climbing the hill

Anna and David sledding

Another pic at the Farm

Grandpa's barn

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Braeuningers

We were able to celebrate an early Christmas with Justin's family the weekend of the 19th. Clayton's great grandparents all came and we had such a nice time seeing everyone. Clayton got a lot of great presents. Mommy was excited because she got a KitchenAid Stand Mixer!!! Daddy got his Taylorville Tornado football blanket!! Here are some good pictures of all the fun!

Clayton opening some of his first Christmas presents.

Clayton plays with his John Deere Gator that Grandma and Grandpa B got him.

Clayton drives his car at Grandma and Grandpa B's

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Graco makes very sturdy PacknPlays!

So, for all you moms out there, you can rest assured that if you have a Graco PacknPlay with the bassinet feature it is VERY STURDY! How do I know you ask? Because I found our 80 pound dog in it this morning! Yes, I heard her crying while I was in the kitchen and sure enough that is where I found her. I had to pick her up out of it because she was to big of a baby to jump out. Luckily, I had my phone to take a picture because I am not sure anyone would have believed me. (Marissa, has Boss been calling Keely and giving her ideas?) No, Nana and Grandpa, Clayton was not in the packnplay. He was fast asleep in his crib! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nana Comes to Play!

Clayton was so excited that Nana came on Saturday to play and was going to stay till Monday night! They did lots of "cooking" and "measuring". He loves when Nana reads to him too! He was sad Grandpa couldn't come, but knew he had to coach those guys that swim in the big bath tub! :) Clayton said that Grandpa doesn't have to share him on Sunday or Monday next week when we come to Galesburg! Hugs and Kisses Nana and Grandpa!

Clayton the "Thinker" with Nana's glasses

Nana is assisting in the Christmas Card photo shoot

Clayton plays with the new blocks that Nana and Grandpa got him

Clayton plays in the bathtub and eats his Starfish

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Misc. Pictures

The chaos of my life: Me talking on the phone, Keely chewing a bone in my lap (Yes, she is a 80 pound lap dog), Clayton has his dad's cell phone in the pocket of his pjs, and is typing on my computer.

Clayton and his sweet potatoes.

Clayton practices with his "beer mug". He wants to be ready for the beach next summer. :)

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The Bedtime Story of Clayton

So, this is the story about a little boy who used to sleep through the night and who now can't be swaddled because he rolls on his tummy and makes his parents nervous. Since he isn't swaddled he doesn't sleep through the night! Good story huh! :)

This is Clayton at 9:15pm

This is Clayton at 9:05pm

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The New Adventures of Clayton & Kate!

Clayton and I traveled to Raymond, IL yesterday to meet his new friend Kate! Megan, my best friend from college, and her husband Matt had a little girl last Sunday. She is absolutely beautiful! I have never seen so much hair! We had a great time visiting and I am sure she and Clayton will be best buds.

Megan and Kate!

Ok, horrible pic of me, but cute of Clayton and Kate.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Clayton's PJs

Clayton wanted to show off his big boy tractor pjs that Nana and Grandpa got him.

The True Meaning of the Holidays!

I know I am as guilty as anyone else at getting wrapped up in the gift giving and getting of the holidays. We run around going crazy and then it is all over before we can blink. I am happy to say that both Justin and I's families have decided to do something different this year. We are all giving everyone three charities that we would like to donate to. Then the people that have us can choose one and donate the dollar amount that they are comfortable with to one of these charities. We are also doing a $10 gift for the person we have so everyone has something to unwrap. This was a great idea we got from the Panthers!

There are so many other things you can do without even giving money. My cousin Karin and her husband volunteered over Thanksgiving at a place called David's House. This is a house that families can stay at when they have Children in the hospital. I am sure they put many smiles on the faces of people dealing with difficult situations.

Here is another great idea: I saw this on the Today show this morning and wanted to share. This is an awesome gift idea for someone in your office, a friend that is hard to by for or pretty much anyone. Kevin Bacon has started a organization called Six Degrees. You can buy a gift card for any denomination on their website. You then give this gift card to someone and they can go on the website and donate that money to any charity of their choice. I looked on the website and there are hundreds of thousands of different charities. What an awesome idea!!!!


Small things help too, put some change in the bucket for the Salvation Army when you go to the grocery store, take some time and go through your closet and find some things that you never wear and donate them to Goodwill. Shovel your neighbors sidewalk next time it snows. Scrape off the windows of the car next to you at work when you go home. I truly believe doing these small things will make you feel fulfilled when the holidays are over. Happy Wednesday Everyone!