Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day Post 2

We had so much fun yesterday, I figured I would post some more pictures.  The kids were outside 3 times which was good since it is FREEZING here today and looks like it will be for a few days.  They loved playing in the snow "mountains".  That on top of a playdate meant bedtime a little before 7pm!  I also took all 3 kids to Hyvee, no big deal except I also let Isla out of the car seat for the first time, and let M & C each get a little cart.  It was hilarious and near stroke inducing at the same time.  At one point I said to them "you will not get your donut if you don't listen"  a fellow male shopper chimed in and said "Wow, that's serious, that's like saying I won't get my Miller Lite"  HA  Clayton only overturned his cart once.  I hope the donut didn't fall out, oh well he ate it.  

Keely had some fun in the snow, although she was more into short bursts of time outside followed by warming up by the fireplace

Isla's first time out of the carseat at the grocery store, she LOVED it.  She is a little nosy like her brother and sister.

Isla's face says it all, "Mom, you are nuts"

BRIBERY at its finest

What Mommy needed after shopping.  I have a new love, Gallo wine Merlot.  You must try it, even if you aren't a huge fan of red.  It is sooooooo good!

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