Sunday, June 23, 2013

Making the Most of the Weekend!

We wanted to make the most of this weekend since this week we will have a new Murphy joining us!  We started out the weekend with a parade at Princeville's Heritage Days.  The kids even got to enjoy a few rides at their small carnival.  I can handle a small town carnival any day over the chaos (that's putting it nicely) of the same idea in my hometown.  The kids got cool balloon art and ice cream to top it off.  Justin and I enjoyed a Ribeye Sandwich.  Yummy!  We also managed some park time and went to a splash park in Chilicothe.  Now we are on the final countdown to Thursday and "Baby Butter" arriving.  Clayton is still sure it is a girl and Maddie that it is a boy.  Clayton has even picked out a name Isabella.  Yikes, not on our list and he said it doesn't matter, that is what he is going to call the baby if it is a girl!  We will continue to pack it in with Gymnastics, Storytime, Running Club, T-ball, etc until I have to go in Thursday morning!  We can't wait to meet this newest addition!

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