Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

Snow Day!  Well they waited until 5:45am this morning to call it, but no school today!  It is only 10:30am and we have already been busy.  I should be down stairs working out since the kiddos are at friends playing, but I am procrastinating and doing this first while Miss Isla naps.  I am hoping to keep everyone busy today and have some fun!  The kids always say funny things, but I am trying to be better about writing them down.  (Well mom is telling me I have to write them down:)
I love when the kids use adult words:

Maddie the other morning "Mom, I realized when I was in the bath that my bracelet was in the basket"

Ok, enjoy the pics, I am going to the basement.  :)

Our Winter Wonderland

A little toe sucking this morning

M and C have already been out while Daddy shoveled

Mommy and Isla stayed warm inside

Good news, Clayton is 100 days smarter.  They had a celebration at school for the 100th day of School.  He thought he didn't have to go anymore. Ha

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