Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STL Trip to the Zoo

We were in STL for work last week.  Justin wanted to stay to do some pheasant shooting with guys from work so I decided it would be the perfect time to take the kids to the zoo before the baby comes.  The plans looked perfect, it was supposed to be 64 and sunny.  Then we woke up Saturday morning at the hotel and it was raining and cold.  We held out though and ended up with nearly 4 hours of fun.  I decided it was go big or go home.  We saw about every animal at the place, rode on the train, rode the carousel, had lunch watching the sea lions and had a blast!  Mommy was a bit worn out, but thankfully I was smart enough to rent a "ride" for the kids so we got around pretty easily.  Of course when daddy asked Clayton what his favorite animal was that he saw, Clayton's response was my favorite animal wasn't there, I like dolphins.  Sigh!

No one will disagree though that we enjoyed having no coats on for the second half of our day.  The Murphys are ready for Spring!