Saturday, February 8, 2014

Love the Weekends

So 2 months ago my weekends would often be full of cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.  Now we are relaxing a lot more!  (This is a great joy to Justin)  Yes, my work schedule helps with this a ton, but I have my cleaning down to a science now.  I have a weekly "chore list" and have all the cleaning, etc done in a Monday-Friday schedule so there really isn't anything needed on the weekends!  Another bonus, small toys.  I have anxiety about small toys, Isla choking of course is a concern but clutter makes me stress!  So when the kids entered this small toy stage (army guys, legos, Barbie accessories, etc) I was a little worried.  So what does this have to do with cleaning/chores?  I now have a Mommy bin in the kitchen.  If I find a toy on the floor, etc. it goes in my bin and the kiddos have to do something to get them out. This could include, setting the table, vacuuming their crumbs in the kitchen, emptying trash, getting something for me when my hands are full, bringing and sorting laundry etc.  It is working out great! :)  

Always have to post some cute pics!

Miss Isla playing dress up

Just being cute!

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