Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Hello Winter!

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with Justin's family this year. We went to his Aunt Carol's for lunch. She is a wonderful host! Anyone that can handle over 30 people year after year has to be a saint! Unfortunately, we had to cut our day short because Clayton was fussy and we were pretty sure he was running a fever. We came back home on Friday and made a doctor's appointment for the next day. Sure enough he has a sinus infection. :( The little guy is a trooper, but he just isn't his normal cheerful self. I was able to get all of our Christmas decorations up on Friday and Justin got our Christmas tree today. I can't believe Christmas is only a few weeks away! Clayton is looking forward to going to great grandma and grandpas farm this year. We woke up this morning with a couple of inches of snow on the ground. We were just excited to have snow and not ice, like they usually get in St. Louis. Well, the Bears game is on so I will cut this short. Hope everyone had a great week.

Shannon and I on Thanksgiving

Justin, Uncle Drake, soon to be Uncle Dave and Clayton on Thanksgiving. Notice the rosy cheeks!

Leslie got Clayton this adorable cow towel! He loves the tail!

Clayton couldn't go outside to enjoy his first snow, but he wore his "Let it Snow" outfit that Nana and Grandpa got him.

Keely was enjoying the snow. Notice we were up pretty early this morning, hence the darkness. :)

Clayton gets caught "sharing" his vegetables with Keely! (Hummm, wonder who taught him that?? Maybe Daddy or Uncle David???)


Nikki said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! That picture of Keely by Clayton's high chair is really funny. Thats what everyone is telling us - as soon as Brady starts eating "food", he will be the dogs best friend! I hope Clayton is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I am going to watch how legitimate you are for the "clean plate" club with that gal Keely around! Does your dad utilize her, too for his veggies!?
Hope you are feeling better. Love you tons and tons!

(can't wait until we can go sledding together; i'm pretty competitive :) )

Anna said...

Clayton don't worry about Nana, I am the family champ at sledding so I will teach you how to go the distance! Can't wait to see you, feel better!!

Love you tons,
Aunt Anna

Annie said...

Hope your little guy is on the mend! There's nothing sadder then a droopy feverish baby... I'm so excited to see you both on the 27th (thats saturday, right?) We don't need you to bring anything but your beautiful self and baby!