Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The True Meaning of the Holidays!

I know I am as guilty as anyone else at getting wrapped up in the gift giving and getting of the holidays. We run around going crazy and then it is all over before we can blink. I am happy to say that both Justin and I's families have decided to do something different this year. We are all giving everyone three charities that we would like to donate to. Then the people that have us can choose one and donate the dollar amount that they are comfortable with to one of these charities. We are also doing a $10 gift for the person we have so everyone has something to unwrap. This was a great idea we got from the Panthers!

There are so many other things you can do without even giving money. My cousin Karin and her husband volunteered over Thanksgiving at a place called David's House. This is a house that families can stay at when they have Children in the hospital. I am sure they put many smiles on the faces of people dealing with difficult situations.

Here is another great idea: I saw this on the Today show this morning and wanted to share. This is an awesome gift idea for someone in your office, a friend that is hard to by for or pretty much anyone. Kevin Bacon has started a organization called Six Degrees. You can buy a gift card for any denomination on their website. You then give this gift card to someone and they can go on the website and donate that money to any charity of their choice. I looked on the website and there are hundreds of thousands of different charities. What an awesome idea!!!!

Small things help too, put some change in the bucket for the Salvation Army when you go to the grocery store, take some time and go through your closet and find some things that you never wear and donate them to Goodwill. Shovel your neighbors sidewalk next time it snows. Scrape off the windows of the car next to you at work when you go home. I truly believe doing these small things will make you feel fulfilled when the holidays are over. Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Annie said...

What great ideas! And accompanied by such a stunning spokesbaby :) I love the donation idea- sounds like everyone will end up feeling good AND not clutter up their house with more stuff.

Karin said...

This is such a wonderful idea! My family always makes donations and does very small gifts. We are currently trying to persuade Robert's family to do the same. I have everything that I need- a beautiful son & wonderful husband! Merry Christmas!!