Monday, November 10, 2008

Trip to Childrens Hospital

Clayton and Blue sitting on the Peacock at Childrens.

Mommy and Clayton waiting for his eye exam.

Daddy and Clayton waiting for his doctors appt.

Clayton had his follow up at Childrens last Wednesday. We were able to see some of his fabulous nurses, his nurse practitioner and his doctor! (Clayton asked were Ali was) We miss them, but we are so glad we are at home. Clayton was a very good boy for his appointments. The doctors said he looked great and that we would come back in 6 more months to have another follow up.

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Anonymous said...

Well, crap!
I'm so disappointed that I did not have the chance to see you when you guys were back in town, but I'm happy to hear that all is well!!!
Beth Spot, RN at SLCH