Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Sis and More Food!

Where has the week gone? I have been pretty good at keeping up on posts, but slacked this week! I apparently didn't take any pictures last weekend when we went to Champaign for the Illinois vs. Ohio State football game. Looking back it may have been a subconscious way to forget the whole game! :) Thank you grandpa for not rubbing it in too much that the Buckeyes beat us! Clayton and I had a great time hanging out with Great-Grandma in Aunt Anna's warm apartment, while Daddy, Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Anna, Uncle David and Great-Grandpa went to the game. On Sunday we went to Justin's grandparents to celebrate their birthdays. Clayton had a busy week this week with Physical Therapy on Thursday. Lori said he is doing great and should be sitting up and playing by him self by Christmas. Oh Boy, Mommy isn't sure she is ready for that! We have been able to hang out a lot this weekend. I did get our honeymoon photo album put together. :) Ok, so I was a little behind on that. We are going to the Bears vs. Rams football game tomorrow with Jen and Jason. If the Bears lose to the Rams I think we might have to change teams! I mean the Rams are soooo horrible.
So we have to mention that last week was Keely's first week of being able to be out of her kennel the whole day while we are at work. I know she loves that someone is home every day of the week except Mondays and Tuesdays. I felt horrible having her in the kennel on the other days even though Justin comes home for lunch. We had started leaving her out and letting her have run of the hallway and guest bedroom when we went on errands, etc. We worked up to letting her out the whole day and she did great! It is pretty funny though because in the morning she pushes the curtain to the side to watch you leave. Then when I get home and pull in the drive way before I can even open the garage, there she is looking out the window. Clayton is so proud of his big sis!

Clayton hanging out with his big sis!

Clayton eating his Avocado.

I took a picture of the house on a nice fall day. (Just in case we want to sell it sometime) :)


Marissa said...

Boss just started staying out on his own (our second try) too...and he's 3! =) The first time I started leaving him out he ended up eating a box of chocolates and going to the emergency room. =) So, he doesn't get the whole house, just part of it, and EVERYTHING gets locked up. =) The house looks so cute. It's definitely not Fall here anymore. Happy T-day!

Megan's Munchkins said..., ot, eyevisits, this brings back sooo many memories. Our therapists were Jaime and Ami and I wonder often how they are. I dont miss the eye exams at all...does poor Clayton get the one with the PAPERCLIP???? If not ask about it sometime!! He looks sooo good, so healthy and happy and HANDSOME!! You guys are going to have soo much fun this holiday season!!