Monday, November 24, 2008

Deals, Coupons and FREE STUFF

Ok, so I know there are quite a few moms, wives etc. that check this blog. I had to share a site I heard about on the news down here. I will post the link at the bottom of this post. There is a mother here in St. Louis who used to be a social worker and is now a stay at home mom. She wanted to find ways to contribute financially to her family, so she started clipping coupons, finding rebates, asking for free stuff, etc. She decided to "pay it forward" by putting this all on a website. You don't have to live here in St. Louis to take advantage of a lot of the things she posts. She puts up the codes for the free red box movie at McDonald's you can get on Mondays. She has all the Black Friday ads, etc. I am already getting loads of coupons and got a free Medela bottle to use for pumping. I also found a website, You can get $25 gift certificates to restaurants for as little as $3. You have to read the fine print because some of them can't be used on Fridays and Saturdays or can't be used on alcohol. I got some great deals though. I thought I would share since these days it can't hurt to save a few pennys! Enjoy!

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Annie said...

Thanks for the great resources :)