Sunday, November 9, 2008

On the Road Again: To Tennessee

Clayton, Justin and I in front of the Distillery.

Anna, David, Justin, Clayton and I with Jack Daniels

The Distillery in Lynchburg

Clayton looks at Daddy's cake. He wants some soooo bad.

Clayton and Daddy on Justin's Birthday

Well, we are on our way home today. We surprised Justin for his birthday and went to Lynchburg, TN to go to the Jack Daniels distillery. We left on Friday, picked Anna and David up in Effingham and then traveled on to Nashville. We had such a great time. The fall colors were beautiful and the weather couldn't have been better on Saturday. (Especially since Great Grandma and Grandpa got snow this weekend) I think Justin and David were disappointed that Lynchburg is in a "dry county" so they didn't get to do any tastings. They made up for it at the Embassy Suites happy hour though. :) After not having had a drink going on 15 months, just sniffing the barrell of Jack was great to me! We hope that Anna and David will want to road trip with us again!

I need to get our Children's Hospital update up, those are on my camera and I don't have the cord so I will try to get them up tonight or tomorrow!

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Annie said...

Clayton looks just like his daddy in that last picture! So cute! Did the car traveling go well? We are heading to WI for Thanksgiving and I think we might try driving at night for at least one leg of the trip and see if Eli will sleep... here's hoping!