Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nap Time Update

So I knew that nap time would be the biggest struggle. Clayton isn't a fan of naps to begin with. We wanted to do all or nothing though, as I thought it would be too confusing to be in a different bed for a nap than at night. Go big or go home, right? :) Well, it took a couple of trips in to tell him he needed to stop pulling his clothes down from the closet and get in bed, and a lot of crying. Eventually, success again! I checked on him and he is sound asleep in his bed!
Now I will say Nana wouldn't have made it for the nap, she can barley handle him crying for 2 seconds. Hense the fact he was still up at 9pm when Justin and I went out for dinner when they were visiting. :) We will have to make sure the crying is down to less than 5 min before the baby comes and Nana and Papa come. :)

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Kari said...

Sarah! This gives me sooo much hope. :) Congrats on a successful (and painless??) beginning to the big boy bed.