Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clayton Loves Papa and Bubbles!

Clayton was very excited to have Nana and Papa come on Saturday. They stayed for 2 nights before heading to AZ for vacation on Monday. When Clayton came home from the babysitter on Monday he was looking for Papa and saying it and then asking for Bubbles. So he can't say Nana yet but he has renamed her Bubbles because they had such a great time playing with them.
Bubbles is a lifesaver to me too! Mom cleaned all my baseboards, lower walls and some windows! She is crazy. It is great though because we have the painter coming Saturday and the carpets are getting cleaned Monday. We are in full baby preparation mode! :)
Papa and Bubbles, we can't wait to see you next Thursday! We love you!


Laura said...

I LOVE this picture! Eric and I both got a great laugh out of Clayton's face! He is just precious!

Anonymous said...

So glad Clayton passed his "viscosity" quiz from the lesson pictured here!