Saturday, February 20, 2010

First climb into the "Big Boy" Bed!

We have been getting lots done around the house. Last weekend the painter came and did Clayton's room and did some touch up work we needed. Justin's parents came down and Clayton got to play with Grandma while Justin and Dennis finished some work in the basement. I was a little sick and then it all got worse. I really don't get sick that often knock on wood and this time I got slammed! I was sick for about 11 days and finally started feeling better on Thursday. Lets just hope we can all stay healthy for the next 6 weeks till the baby gets here!

Finally, Nana and Papa came back from Arizona and Clayton was soooo excited to see them. Of course we put them right to work. :) Dad and I got Clayton's bed converted to the toddler bed, mom helped me get things hung in his room and catch up on laundry from my week of sickness. They also took Clayton and I out to a yummy breakfast. Justin had to go to a silly meeting. :( Clayton had so much fun. Nana and Papa babysat so Justin and I could go to dinner on Friday night. (I will get those pics up too) Of course there was some bubble fun! Clayton really likes his room and we will work on sleeping in there next weekend. The great news, it is only Saturday. The boys are napping, Keely is napping and we will have plenty of time this afternoon to get more done! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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