Saturday, February 27, 2010

Play by Play of the First Night in the Big Boy Bed

So, I have a lot of posting to do, but tonight was Clayton's first night in his big boy bed. Ok, I should say big boy room, not sure yet if he is in the bed but doubting it. So here is the action.

8:45 Past his bedtime, but we thought he would need to be tired to try this. Justin and I go in to read him a couple of books
9:04 Put him in bed, give him kisses and we leave
9:05 Mom and Clayton are a mess. Clayton is out of bed and doing who knows what, Mom can't believe her little baby is a big boy!
9:07 Clayton is pounding on the door
9:09 Fingers under the door saying Hi!
9:10 In the closet
9:11 Crying at the door
9:15 Back in the closet
9:17 Took the vent out of the floor (Justin has to go in)
9:19 Balling
9:20 Trying to open the door
9:22 Quiet
9:30 Heard him talking to himself
9:33 Quiet, Justin is slightly concerned his head could be in the vent :) Really we are just worried he will fall asleep on the floor by the door. Our plan is to put the gate up and open the door once he is asleep and we are going to bed. Won't be good if we hit him opening the door.

Still quite at 9:40. Crossing our fingers. We will give an update tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I can't wait for February to be over!!!!!!!! More on that later.

Update: Just checked on him and my AWESOME son climbed in bed on his own and is sleeping! Less than hour the first night. I am impressed. Won't hold my breath for tomorrow, but success is sweet! Just wait for nap time. :)


Kari said...

WAY TO GO, CLAYTON!! You'd have to expect a little drama the first night, right? We're going to try this with Mallory before (or after) the new baby comes, so we're taking your lead!

HULSIZER said...

I laughed so hard at the play by play that I had tears! This was such fun to read. Good job, Clayton.