Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Slide Show

Well, after looking at all the great pics I had from Christmas I couldn't decide which ones to post. I found a way to do a slide show and thought that would be a great way to let everyone see our holiday!

Here are some of my top memories from Christmas 2008:
  • Taking Clayton to his great grandparents farm for the first time. I spent every Christmas in Galena as a child and I am so lucky to have had so many precious moments there with my family. I look forward to Clayton enjoying the farm as much as I have.
  • Justin getting to the farm early and surprising us on Christmas Eve!
  • Watching Clayton open his first Christmas presents. (We should all be so happy to tear paper!)
  • Going to lunch with all the ladies at Grants place. (Thanks Uncle David for babysitting Clayton, even though he was a little grumpy with you!)
  • Watching my grandmother read The Night Before Christmas to my son.
  • Seeing the look on Nana and Grandpa's face every time they see Clayton.
  • Clayton meeting Great Grandma Willy, his Great Aunt Lisa and his Super Uncle Dale.
  • Watching Keely run and "hunt" in the snowy fields.
  • Learning about the Titanic and how it was a large ship that sank! Thanks for the history lesson Aunt Barb!
  • Waking up with my husband, sister, son and dog on Christmas morning all in the same bedroom! (Anna warned Justin at our wedding that we would still need to sleep in the same room from time to time)
  • Having brunch with some girls from High School who I haven't seen in forever!
  • Having a whole week with my family!!!!!!! I miss you guys already!

We can't thank our families enough for making the holidays special for us and Clayton. In a year that has brought such joy and sadness, we truly do have a lot to be thankful for. We miss Jaxson so much and holidays like Christmas are very bittersweet.

We are looking forward to a low key New Years at home. We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Love The Murphys

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Karin said...

What beautiful pictures & special memories. You have been through a lot this year, but what a strong woman you are!! Clayton looks like he had a perfect 1st Christmas. I love the pictures of your family too. I miss the Clayton family!! Every time I see my Great Uncle Keith, I see part of my grandpa. They are/were the best men I have ever known!! I wish you, Clayton & Justin all the happiness in 2009!

Laura said...

I loved meeting Clayton over the holidays! He's just precious! It was great catching up with you and your mom - we need to be better about that! I'll keep up the blogging! :) Happy New Year!

Meggie Dials said...

I wish I was one of the high school girls you went to brunch with! I am sad we were in Gburg for only 30 hours so we missed you guys. Clayton looks like he had a great Christmas and you look great, Sarah! Miss you! Happy Holidays!