Monday, December 29, 2008

Where did Christmas go?

It is hard to believe that Christmas is over and that the New Year is days away. We had such a wonderful time in Galesburg and Galena. Clayton and I went to Galesburg on the 21st and then up to Galena on the 22nd. The snow was beautiful, I miss that part of the winter season. It is amazing what 3 hours can do in regards to the weather. We mostly get ice in the St. Louis area. We got to see all of our family in Galena and Clayton was SPOILED! He had so much fun playing with everyone. Keely loved running around in the fields on the farm. She was one tired pup! I think she is still recovering. I am going to have to spread this over a couple of posts because there are so many pictures I want to post. Here are some SNOW pictures from my grandparents farm. It is hard to capture what a gorgeous place it is!

My Grandparent's barn on Christmas Eve as it snowed from the lane.

Yes, it looks like Justin and I are going to rob a bank! Keely loves her coat, we just need to get her some boots!

A snowy look at the farm

Classic picture of my mom sledding! (Mom, I am sure you were yelling shoot!)

Justin laying in his snow recliner after climbing the hill

Anna and David sledding

Another pic at the Farm

Grandpa's barn

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Karin said...

I LOVE these pictures!! I haven't been to your grandparent's farm since I was a kid. What a beautiful & special place!! You can't help but feel like a kid again when you're there.