Sunday, December 7, 2008

The New Adventures of Clayton & Kate!

Clayton and I traveled to Raymond, IL yesterday to meet his new friend Kate! Megan, my best friend from college, and her husband Matt had a little girl last Sunday. She is absolutely beautiful! I have never seen so much hair! We had a great time visiting and I am sure she and Clayton will be best buds.

Megan and Kate!

Ok, horrible pic of me, but cute of Clayton and Kate.


Annie said...

I LOVE THAT WEBSITE! (yes, I did mean to 'yell' that!) Thanks for putting it on your blog- What fun backgrounds for free :) Clayton is getting so big! We can't wait to see him in a few weeks! Don't you hold newborns now and they seem so light and tiny?

Nikki said...

Yes, getting ready and going out has become a "production"! It is a lot of fun though. We are still trying to get out and travel as much as possible so we can get used to it.

Clayton has a cute little new friend! I hope everything is going well getting ready for the holidays. I know how busy this time of year can be! I just took some pictures of the dogs with reindeer ears on for our Christmas cards.