Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Pictures!

We had a great weekend, I am not writing as much these days. I know people are more interested in pics of the kids!!! We are all doing great and loving our new addition! Hope everyone has a good Monday!

Hi everyone!

Hanging out with my friends

Um, I think he remembered how much he loved the bouncy seat when he was little.

Hi mommy!

Snoozing with Daddy

Big Brother watches Maddie

Serious grilling man!

Maddie at the doctor's office


Meggie said...

These pictures are amazing! I love Maddie...she is just gorgeous. Love that blonde hair. Clayton looks like the best big brother ever! So happy for you guys!

John said...

Wow does Clayton ever have Dad's grilling face. I'm sure it is Mom's pressure to do it right.

John said...

Mimi is checking in!!! Miss all of you! Miss Madeline is cuter than ever! Clayton, we heard the turkeys tonight! You must come and see!!