Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Every Day Gets Better and Better!

Being home with Clayton and Madeline is WONDERFUL! I am on week 3 and have 12 more weeks after this!!!!!!!! We are having tons of fun. Being a Mommy is so great. Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks. I will update more later.

Shopping really takes it of you!!!

The stroller limousine. Clayton loves his big boy seat and snack cup.

Mommy's little Dirt Devil helper

Yummy Yummy ice cream bars!

Maddie's favorite place to sleep

Yes, he is in Justin's wallet with the computer and the phone. Oh boy!

Don't think that is what the stool is for????

Daddy and his 3 cute kids


Nikki said...

Look at that stroller!! Glad you are doing well and having fun with everyone. Happy Belated Birthday, Clayton! I can't believe you had a party with a 2 week old little one! You are "Super Mom". :)

Karin said...

These pictures are too cute!! Clayton is just like Matthew- he wants to be just like Daddy. In fact, we got him a toy laptop & gave him Daddy's old cell phone & wallet (and some old credit cards or as Matthew calls them "charge its"). LOL!!