Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clayton Turns 2!!!!!!!

Clayton turned the big 2 on Sunday, April 11. We were able to pull off an awesome party for him thanks to all of our family. I know he had a lot of fun seeing everyone and he got so many cool presents! He is one lucky boy!!!! We love our big boy so much! It is hard to believe he is already 2. He has already become a great big brother and helps mommy with all kinds of stuff around the house!

Clayton and his cool dude glasses and Coo Coo as he calls it. (Thanks Ruehmers and Coopers!)

Clayton grilling! He loves that he can do things daddy does!

Clayton with Uncle David and Aunt Anna

Clayton with Papa and Nana/Mimi (more on that later)

Clayton with Great-Grandma Hubbartt

Clayton with Grandma and Grandpa

Clayton and Aunt Heather

Clayton with Aunt Shannon and Uncle Dave

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Meggie said...

Happy Birthday Clayton!! What an adorable little boy....he seems so happy all of the time. How is he doing as a big brother? How is Madeline? You look fabulous, by the way!