Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top 10 Ways you know you have been at SLCH to long and it is time to go HOME!

10-You have broken the 2 person to a room rule at least a 1,000 times!

9-Your child's room looks like a zoo and the doctors run the risk of checking a bunny's heart rate instead of your child's.

8-You tell your husband you need a desk in the room for all your supplies and paperwork.

7-You feel like you may have to be committed if you spend one more moment staring at the wall in the lactation room.

6-Your husband is thinking about selling all the parking passes he has validated.

5-The gentleman that replaces the supplies in the room (Darren) is your morning wake up call and you are brushing your teeth in the sink when the doctors are rounding in the room.

4-People start asking you questions, like you know what is going on. (Justin wouldn't let me buy a white coat to wear around the hospital, I thought it would be fun to be a doctor for the day!)

3-The people at the front desk have your name tag ready before you even get to the desk.

2-The cook is making you specialty food that you request. Yes, Justin had him making horseshoes!

And the #1 reason you know it is time to go home-

The doctors tell you it is time to go home!

Yes, it is official, we are going home today (Friday). I have not posted anything ahead of time because around the NICU, it is bad luck to talk about the "H" word until it is really time to go. We wouldn't even bring any of his stuff home ahead of time, so I think we will need a Uhaul to get out of here. Clayton passed his hearing test and car seat test on Wednesday. He also got his feeding tube out on Tuesday. He has been gaining weight really well and keeps mom on her toes around the clock! :)

We could not be more excited to get our little guy home. The last 6 weeks as flown in some ways and has been an eternity in others. We know Clayton will love being in his own bed, in his own room, in his own house. Please forgive us if we don't return calls and emails for a few days. I think we will be spending some much needed family time together. I am not sure if Justin and I have had more than a 10 min conversation before we colapse into bed. Not sure that is going to change for another 18 years though.

Of course it is a little hard as our hearts so wish we had both of our little guys with us. We know Jaxson is looking down and so excited that his little brother is doing so well and going home.

I will get more pics up this weekend of Clayton's big adventure. Hugs and kisses to everyone and thank you all for your love and support!

Clayton passing his carseat test

Our little guy without any tubes or wires!


Emily said...

SARAH!!! you just made my day! I'm so excited for you and Justin and Clayton! Have a WONDERFUL first weekend with him at home and much love to you 3, em

Anna said...

YYAAHHHH!!! I love you all so much!

Marissa said...

Clayton! You just made my day!!!! =) I am so excited!

Anonymous said...

I've finally figured out to comment! : )
I said a prayer of thanksgiving today when I heard your wonderful news! God is good.
We love you all so much! Happy day!

Bellamy Weims said...

What a wonderul day for your family! We are so happy and excited for you.
Jeff and Nikki

The Oller's said...

We are all so glad to hear the news. We can't wait to meet Clayton (especially our Clayton can't wait to meet your Clayton!!)! Enjoy your weekend and your much need family time!

Melis, Joe, Kyle and Clayton

Terri said...

Hi Sarah- I know I am just the photographer but I have been keeping up with the blog since you sent it to me. I am very happy for all of you! He is adorable. Let me know when you are ready! Congrats.

The Campbells said...

We are so happy, and we hope to come visit once you get all settled in!

Clayton, you are so lucky to have such great parents. I am so glad that you passed your hearing test, because Uncle Tommy has some great stories to tell you about your Daddy...