Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Grandma and Grandpa Clayton come to visit!

Great Grandma Clayton holds Clayton for the first time!
I think Great Grandpa is telling him stories!
Ok, so I know he probably didn't mean to hold his passy in his mouth, but I would like to think my son is that advanced! :)

Wow, what a busy weekend our big guy had. He had his first visit with great-grandma and great-grandpa Clayton! Yes, for those of you who do not know my grandparents, that is how we got his name! We hope he grows up to be just like the wonderful man my grandpa is! Of course my grandpa does have a reputation for getting into fights in high school! Ha, but we won't talk about that. :) Clayton also had his nana, grandpa, grandma B, aunts and uncles come visit too! I think we may get kicked out of here for breaking the 2 people to a room rule soooooo many times. What can I say, our son is popular!

Clayton has decided he should get to do a small paragraph each post so here is Clayton's Corner-

Hi everyone, mommy said I am big enough to write on the blog!!!! I am up to 4lbs 4ounces and I just keep growing. Mommy and Daddy stayed with me all weekend! Of course grandpa says that boys don't have sleepovers. They have people come over and then they decide it isn't safe to drive home so they just sleep there. :) Mommy is now staying every night so we can get the feeding perfected and get out of here. I like hanging out with her even though she snores. Daddy thinks Mommy is the busy body of the NICU! I hope everyone is having a good week and I can't wait to meet all of you!!!!!!!!!

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