Friday, May 16, 2008

Mini Mr. Wolfe

Clayton is officially the Vice Principal of the NICU! He is quite the disciplinarian. He is trying to live up to his mentor Mr. Wolfe. Hence the tie! He is all business as you can see by the pic. Thanks for the snazzy outfit Brett and Lisa. Our big guy is up to 4lbs 4 ouces today! He is doing great! His is sad today though because his friend Markell got to go home. We are so excited for them though! We know we will be going home soon too! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Clayton gets to meet his Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Clayton today, and see Nana and Grandpa.

I love this pic of him snoozing, he sleeps like Nana!


Anonymous said...

Clayton couldn't have a better administrative mentor than the famous Mr. Wolfe. Clayton pulls the "tie look" almost as well, too. I believe Clayton is considering his statements for an upcoming expulsion hearing. :)
Nana is very lucky to work with Mr. Wolfe and have him as a dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Can you guys believe I just finally noticed and figured out "Comments"?!? I'll bet Clayton will be ahead of me in tech knowledge before he goes home. The sleeping photo is absolutely the best! Can't wait to hear about the weekend visit!!
Love from the Roscoe Malones.

Jenny Campbell said...

That is probably the cutest onesie I have ever seen.