Saturday, August 1, 2009

Messy Messy Clayton and Keely!

Wow, summer is going by so fast! I need to write an update, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Here is a fun video from tonight. Breaking all the rules while Daddy is at the Cardinals game! :) Keely is after dinner clean up crew. Yes, you can even enjoy some Raffi music in the background.


Meggie Dials said...

That is such a cute video - he LOVES Keely. And I am a sucker for Raffi.

Nikki said...

That is too cute! I love the clean-up crew : )

I can't believe how big Clayton is getting! Next time we are in the area, we will have to stop by so Brady and Clayton can play! I hope you guys are doing well! The last of the puppies left this morning, so we feel kind of empty now!

Nikki said...

Your comment is too funny! No, I am not pregnant this time! Just recovering from the craziness : )

I will definitely be posting this weekend, I have about 15 posts to do!! The house is finally recovered, it took me all weekend to catch up on laundry, ironing and cleaning!

I fell weird, like I actually have TIME.... : )