Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mommy's Birthday!

Clayton and Daddy took good care of me today for my birthday! I got beautiful flowers, they took me to dinner at PFChangs and Clayton even got me a new lunch bag from Pottery Barn with my monogram on it! I didn't feel older this morning, but it is 8:30pm and I am ready for bed, I think that makes me old! Ok, so I am only 28 (28 dad, not 30!!!) now and Justin will be 29 in a couple months, so I am not as old as him! :) Thanks to everyone for the nice calls, texts, and cards! I have wonderful friends and family!

Clayton attacking Mommy

Clayton finally cooperated for a good picture

Clayton's new face, scowling at PF Changs
(Too many new house conversations with Nana and Papa? Or is Aunt Anna to blame? This is a new thing that started right after you guys left last weekend.)

Clayton trying to get someones attention

Who knew Clayton would like lettuce wraps, Kung Pao chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork? All that spicy food I ate while I was pregnant and breast feeding paid off with a little boy who is not afraid of some flavor!

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Marissa said...

Did you just call me old?! Glad you had a good day!