Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Antics of Keely & Clayton

I love to watch Keely and Clayton as they become best buddies. Although, it seems that they are friends who find trouble together! :) From Clayton feeding Keely at the table to some of their newest antics. Clayton has a picnic basket that has fake food in it and he likes to pretend that he eats it. Well, I was in his room and he went over to Keely and tried shoving it in her mouth to have her eat it. Not quite what we want to happen to all his toys. This morning Keely was laying in his room and Clayton was pulling his pants out of the drawer and trying to put them on her head. He loves to throw the ball to her, but doesn't quite get that she is not going to throw it back. Below you will see a video of Clayton's favorite thing to do when he is in his pack-n-play. He thinks it is hysterical to throw things out to Keely for her to get. OH BOY! With him walking I can only imagine the trouble they will get in now. Stay tuned!

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