Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clayton's First Cardinals Game! Thanks Ali!

Clayton is such a lucky boy. His favorite nurse from SLCH got him tickets to a baseball game for his birthday! Ali, you are the best. We went to the Brewers vs. Cards game today. It was PERFECT weather. Clayton had tons of fun and was such a good boy. Not a good game for the Cards, but oh so fun!

Clayton at the baseball game. He even wore his hat most of the game!

Daddy and Clayton, We are so glad Daddy is home!

Mommy, Daddy and Clayton. I think he was checking out a girl. :)


Anonymous said...

yea!! I'm so happy you guys had a great time!! Too bad the Cards couldn't win for Clayton. There will be plenty of other games for him to watch them win. Love the pictures!!


Nikki said...

He really looks like his daddy in these pictures!!