Friday, May 15, 2009

Clayton is a little excited that Daddy is coming home!

Daddy, make sure you take a nap on the plane. I can't wait to see you (So I got up at 4am) and you never know when I might want to party tonight. Mommy said her and Keely might be sleeping in the basement tonight. Keely already gave up and went out to the couch to sleep.

Clayton playing with Mommy's computer 4am
(Sorry combination of my phone and darkness is not idle for pics, seems even my phone thought it was too early)
Clayton at 5am, playing by the window. It is getting lighter!
P.S. I posted last night too

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Karin said...

How can you be upset with that sweet little face?? :) I understand the no sleeping thing. When Robert was living in FL and I was in NH he didn't nap for 9 straight days and would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. It was not pleasant. I had zero help, so I understand the stress. Clayton is so adorable!!! He looks like he was having fun! Ha!