Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video Finally!

Ok, so I am sure everyone had given up on me getting a video up. I was apparently making it more complicated then it needed to be. Thanks to Annie I now realized I can take video with my regular camera and I don't need to use the actual video camera! Thank goodness I have fellow GHS alumni that are smarter then me. :) Thanks Annie! This could get addicting because it is so fun to video Clayton! I will try to get some Keely/Clayton moments up here too! Enjoy!
We had Clayton's 6 month pics taken at a pumpkin farm, scroll down to see those.

Clayton Hanging Out

Clayton's Bath Time This Morning


Anna said...

Clayton you are already way ahead of your mom and I in your ability to swim breaststroke! Way to go 'Nato! Miss you and of course you mom, dad, and crazy sister!

Aunt Anna

Karin said...

These videos are so adorable!! I use my camera to take videos too. I took a great one of Matthew laughing with his G.G. (your great Aunt Marge) when she was here visiting us last week. I also love Clayton's 6 month pics. He had the best expressions on his face! He is getting so big too!

Anonymous said...

Great videos of Clayton. I loved to see him moving and lovin life! I'm glad you are up on technology. I am enjoying the updates on Clayton and Keely.

Love To All,
Aunt Ann (ure baltimore connection)

Jenny and Emma said...

What a cutie! Me and Emma just watched, and she says, "Look at my baby friend!"
I am SOOOO happy that we finally got to meet him, and we had such a great time visiting with you all! We are going to try to do it again sometime in January!

MamaMiller said...

Wow, I don't think I've heard your voice since high school graduation :) Good job on the videos, they are really addicting!

Meggie Dials said...

These videos are great! I just want to reach in and hug the little guy...keep 'em coming!

Annie said...

Yay! Way to go on posting videos! You are right, they will be addicting :) Clayton has a bunch of loyal followers! I hope we can meet him someday!

Laura said...

Hey, Sarah! I had dinner tonight with Annie, Eli and Dylan and she she told me you were blogging. Clayton is too cute! Congrats!