Friday, October 17, 2008


I have been tagged by Karin and Meggie so I should probably play along! :) I am always posting about Clayton and Keely so I guess it is about time I talked about me. Maybe sometime I will talk about Justin too! I am not sure there are 6 very exciting things to tell people.

#1-- I have OCD. Now, this will probably not come as a surprise to anyone. If you ask Justin and David (Anna's boyfriend) they will tell you it runs in the family. Examples; I have the inability to sit down and eat dinner with my husband. I will get dinner ready, eat and then before Justin has half of his dinner done I am cleaning up and moving on to the next thing. I also have to delete all the caller ids off the phone on a regular basis. This drives Justin crazy. The OCD can be directly linked to my mother. Thankfully, this problem lessens as it goes down the family tree. :)

#2-- I have a weird obsession with the NBC National News. Justin says I am secretly in love with Brian Williams, but I loved it when Tom was on so that doesn't work. I used to tape it. Weird I know. I just like knowing what is going on. I may be switching soon though because they have become a little too liberal for me.

#3-- I used to eat at least one super sized McDonald's meal a week during swim team season. This will be one that Annie and others from GHS can appreciate. I mean it amazes me that I could put the super sized meals down like no ones business on the school bus riding home from swim meets. I look at an ice water from McDonald's these days and I gain 5lbs. I guess maybe I should start swimming an hour in the morning and 2 and a half in the evening and I will be able to do that again! :)

#4-- I have a few projects lined up for the next year or so. I am going to:
  • Get my real estate license(Mom and Dad I won't charge you commission!)
  • Attempt to learn Spanish(Considering I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and i can say Hola, this could be a big endeavour)
  • Put together my honeymoon album (My projects never seem to be completed in the year they are supposed to, hence my 2 year anniversary has come and gone and this is still not done)
#5-- I have the most wonderful husband ever. Yes, he puts up with my OCD, my sister's OCD and my mother's OCD. (I think he even loves all of us) He humors me and my endless lists. He hasn't kicked Keely (dog) out of the bed yet even though she cuddles against me and kicks him in the head. He has on at least one occasion rubbed my feet even though he HATES feet. He doesn't yell at me too much even though I continue to park towards the middle of the garage making it hard for him to get in. He makes me smile even on the worst days. He gets up in the middle of the night to feed Clayton so I can sleep. He took me on the most fabulous honeymoon to Hawaii! He tells me I am beautiful even if I don't feel that way. He hasn't gone crazy when we have to make a decision about something and I change my mind 5 million times. (Also a family trait) He doesn't complain about my cooking or lack of originality with my dinner ideas. He will still stay up at night and talk with me even when he is sooo tired. He has worked his butt off so I can work part-time and be with Clayton 2 days a week. The best thing is that he is such an amazing father, I love watching him with Clayton. I could go on and on!

#6-- I have just recently been able to start eating chips and nacho cheese from a vendor and Jello again. WHAT, you say. Well back in the good old days of the 10 hour YMCA swim meets I thought it was a good idea to eat nachos and jello before I swam. Well, needless to say it is not a good idea and I got sick. I hadn't eaten them for about 10 years. Still not a fan of the jello.

Ok, so I hope you enjoyed my endless babble about myself. :) I guess I will tag Amanda, Annie and Diane, if they haven't already done this!


Anonymous said...


There's so much OCD in you I'm afraid that our side had a little to do with your outcome too! (LOL) Don't just blame your MOM. Overall to me you sound pretty normal.

Aunt Ann (<:

Meggie Dials said...

I LOVED hearing all of your fun projects and traits, etc!!!!