Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Murphy Update

Ok, so I have been lazy lately and I have just been posting videos and pictures. Lets be honest 9 out of 10 people that visit our blog just want to see the little man! He is doing great and we go back to Children's next week for a follow up visit. I have a feeling he is going to skip the crawling and go straight for running. He loves Keely so much I think he just wants to follow her around. Speaking of Keely, we took her to the vet this last weekend for her yearly appointment. She weighed in at 76 pounds! She is not over weight at all, but I guess I can see why Justin complains sometimes about her sleeping in the bed.

We have been enjoying 3 weekends in a row of no traveling and hanging out as a family. We did have some friends come by which was tons of fun. Tommy, Jenny and Emma came by on a Sunday and then last weekend Jennifer, Jason and the kids came for a night. We are back on the road this weekend though. We are heading to Champaign for the Illinois vs. Iowa game and to hang out with the fam. Anna and David were nice enough to volunteer to watch Clayton while mom, dad, Justin and I go to the game. Aunt Shannon is perhaps the saint in all of this, as she is babysitting Keely at our house all weekend! The next weekend is Justin's birthday and while I can't tell you what we are doing it should be a fun time. Then we are back in Champaign for the big Ohio State vs. Illinois game. Hopefully we can have the same results as last year. Clayton can't wait to see his great grandparents and Super Aunt and Uncle. I am sure we will keep busy between now and Christmas, which is just around the corner!

Other than that not too much new with us. Hope everyone is having a good week! Oh and I guess I will post a picture so everyone isn't upset about just getting an update! :)

Clayton thinks something is pretty funny!


Nikki said...

I really like the new profile picture. I am glad to hear everything is going so well. I will try to get Jeff to answer Justin's questions tonight.

I showed your video of Clayton and Keely to Jeff's parents and a few other people. They loved it. They couldn't stop laughing!

Annie said...

So you're heading to the CU area? We have a bunch of company this weekend (Dylan's b-day is halloween) but maybe the next time you head this way I could run in to town and just meet your little man for a few minutes! Have fun this weekend!

Marissa said...

This might actually be my favorite pic! =) Thanks for telling us about you two too! Miss you!!! Wish Boss and Keely could get together to play! Pray that we get St. Louis next!