Monday, October 13, 2008

Clayton 6 Month Pictures

Clayton had his 6 month photo shoot at a pumpkin farm last week. We had so much fun! Clayton got to wear his Illinois outfit Aunt Shannon bought him, Little Monster t-shirt and pumpkin socks Aunt Anna got him, Bibs Grandma B got him and his dinosaur outfit Nana got him. Terri, of course you know me well enough that my sister and I have been checking your website like 100 times a day to see if they were up yet. Here is the link and the password is clayton. Enjoy!


Annie said...

Hey Sarah! (be prepared for a long comment...) I was so excited to hear from you! I've been watching your little boy grow and loving your pictures! And doing a video is super easy if your camera can take video, email me if you want help.... I totally didn't know our reunion had been planned- how awesome that people are keeping up with that and being motivated :) Speaking of motivation, I'm heading to weight watchers in the morning... we just got back from disney world with the babies and needless to say it wasn't waist friendly! But we can cheer eachother on! Secretly I hate the people who lose their baby weight in three months ;) Diane and I are meeting up in Galesburg this month, let me know if you ever get up that way or over this way!!! Annie

Katie RUehmer said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! What an absolutely beautiful baby and family you have! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Okay - you are going to spend some money on those pictures - how do you choose? I of course love the Illini pics and can't believe MR. ISU :) let that happen. Just kidding! You all look great in the family picture. Clayton has such a great smile. Oh I wish I knew the next time I could see him (and you of course :). Maybe if we all move to Bloomington and start our own business - right. Love the pics.
Umm and whats up with the tagging? Maybe next month with my once a month new blog goal :).