Monday, September 1, 2008

The Weekend according to Clayton!

Clayton right before his first Illini game!

Clayton after the Illini game! He was hoping for a better result, but thought Juice did a great job with his throwing game.

Clayton is all ready for church. He was very good and slept through the sermon. HUMMMM

Clayton loves the bath, pardon the blur, but he was splashing around. He said he had to get his reps in so Grandpa W doesn't make him do push ups next weekend!


Annie said...

He is so adorable Sarah! I love all your pictures- what a sweet little smile!

Anonymous said...

I really think that Black and Gold would look way better on Clayton...just letting you know!! He looks like he was a good little sport though! He is getting so big!! I hope all is well!!


Jenny Campbell said...

Wow...he looks so much like Justin!
Well, I think so, anyway!
Hope everything is well...we miss you guys and I can't wait to meet Mini-Murph!