Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking Forward to a Long Labor Day Weekend!

Clayton in his PJs Super Aunt Jane got him. He is a pretty happy guy in the morning once he finally gets up!

Clayton asks mom "So what are we going to do today?"

Where has the summer gone? It is hard to believe it is already Labor Day. We are excited because Justin has all next week off and I am only working Tuesday so we will have a nice extended Labor Day weekend. We plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing! Clayton is doing fantastic. We estimate his weight at about 9 lbs. He will have another doctors appointment at the end of September. Last week was our final week of having family here to babysit. Grandpa W took the last stint! Clayton had so much fun hanging out with everyone on Mondays and Tuesdays. We can't ever begin to thank everyone for their help. It is great that Clayton will be 5 months old before he has to start at the sitters. One note, Justin is glad Grandpa isn't babysitting anymore because Justin came home from work last week and found Clayton now has 2 White Sox onesies and shorts. Grandpa said he needs something to wear for the World Series! The poor kid, he is going to be so confused. Good thing everyone in our family is Bears fans!

We were able to go to a Cardinals game last weekend with our friends Nate and Amanda. We had a wonderful time and had awesome seats! Thanks guys! Justin got in another game earlier in the week too. Clayton is looking forward to his first Illini game on Saturday! We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can womp on Mizzou! GO ILLINI!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Hugs and Kisses!


MamaMiller said...

Wow, look at those cheeks! He's really filling out :) Have a great weekend Sarah.

Katie Ruehmer said...

I love the shirt! He has really grown! Thinking of you all often! Lots of love!