Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Sports Weekend!

What a weekend, as you will see below Clayton started out the weekend on Friday wearing his White Sox outfit that Grandpa W got him. Then he wore his orange Illini outfit for the first home game. Today he has on his Bears outfit! We were able to spend the weekend with my family, and nana and grandpa were nice to babysit so Justin and I could go with Anna and David to the football game. Nana was really disappointed that she had to babysit. :) Clayton loves getting to see them. We had a great time at the game and the new renovations to Memorial Stadium look really nice. David and I are now plotting on what we have to do to get a box after being squished in our seats. :) Friday we all went to a small town tavern in Philo, IL for a great dinner. (One of Anna and David's hang outs) David grilled some great steaks last night and we were able to hang out around the fire pit. Clayton even showed grandma and grandpa his skills in the bathtub. We are on our way home now to pick up Keely and then get unpacked before the big Bears vs. Colts game. Nikki and Jeff, we will save any comments until we see the results! :)

It has been a wonderful week with all of us being home. Tomorrow we are back to work and Clayton is going to the babysitters for the first time. Thankfully Justin is a wonderful husband and father and he is going to take Clayton because I don't think I could handle it. We hope everyone has a nice week and enjoys this great fall weather.

Clayton in his White Sox uniform with Grandpa. They have won all weekend so grandpa said he needs to have it on for all games now!

Aunt Anna, Uncle David and Clayton all in their Illini gear.

Aunt Anna, Clayton and Mommy all take a nap. The game wore us out.

Uncle David, Aunt Anna and Clayton ready for the Bears game.

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Anonymous said...

Clayton, You are sooooo cute! We'll take the Sox outfit over the Cardinals outfit. We still think Aunt Anna should just take over! Go Cubs!
I remember standing on the steps of Churchill Jr. High with your mom on the first day of school that we both went back to teaching. We both cried. Hang in there. Think of it as Clayton is going to play group time with other kids. He'll have so much fun!
Love you guys!