Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Some Good Pics

Clayton and Daddy concentrate on Clayton's 1st Bears game at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ok, so we can't get the Bears games on tv down here in St. Louis! :(

Mommy and Clayton put together his jumperoo. He loves it and Daddy is glad he didn't have to put it together!

I need to get pictures up from Clayton's baptism this last weekend, but I need to get some pics from my sister and mom for that. In the mean time I wanted to get some other photos up. Hope everyone had a great week. Clayton has a doctors appt. tomorrow and I am off so we will give everyone a weight update tomorrow.


Nikki Goedeker said...

We can't wait for the weight update! He looks like he is getting big! I love the picture of Clayton and Justin watching the football game.

Jeff and I have been taking some classes at the hospital and we graduated last night! So does that mean we are ready to be parents? : )

How does Clayton like the jumperoo? My mom and dad are coming to see us this weekend and they are going to help me put together Brady's swing, bouncer, and stroller! Have a great weekend.

Anna said...

I want a jumperoo!!!

Anonymous said...

We will start adding to our species identification with your new rainforest jumperoo! Those rainforests are very unique habitats with more species per acre than any other. :) Remember that hummingbird species we saw in your backyard! I will quiz you later!
love you tons.