Friday, April 11, 2008

Starting Week 35!!!

We have come so far! I really can't believe I have been on bed rest for three weeks now. The days go slow sometimes, but the weeks have flown by. I love Fridays because Justin is home and here to entertain me! :) He put together the second packnplay today and put the mobile up on the crib. The other big project today is figuring out how to use the video camera. We are having the car seats installed tomorrow morning. We were hoping for some more spring weather this weekend, but it looks like the weather is taking a step back with flurries predicted for Saturday. UGH! I think everyone is ready for Spring to be here.

I did have a doctors appointment on Tuesday and everything was good. I still find it amazing that I am measuring 44 (supposed to correlate with how many weeks pregnant you are). Obviously this is completely normal since I have two little ones in there, but amazing at the same time that my skin can stretch that much! We have another ultrasound on Tuesday and a doctors appointment on Friday. That is a crazy busy week for me. HA HA

Justin is being a little bossy about when the babies can come. Last weekend his excuse was the final four and this weekend they can't come because the Masters is on. He better hope our kids appreciate sports as much as he does.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully I will be posting next week at a month out!

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Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

So how is your busy week going? : )
Peyton started puppy kindergarten this week and he is also picking up all of Lilly's bad habits! I hope everyone is doing well!