Sunday, April 20, 2008

Missing Camera Cord

Clayton's mom needs to tape the camera cord to her head. I have lost the cord for the moment so I will have to get a new picture up later. Our little guy had a big day today! He got his first football from Uncle David and we are sure by his long fingers that he will be a great wide reicever. He also wore a cute little outfit that Nana got him. (This was after he pooped through his diaper, outfit and blanket while mom was holding him)

We have such exciting news! Clayton is doing so well that his doctor asked if we wanted to take him back to Missouri Baptist so we were closer to home. We have decided to keep the little guy at SLCH for the duration so that he can get the best care, plus he has his own room at SLCH! Our little guy is up to 1140 grams which is the equivelant of about 2 lbs 8 ounces. The doctor said he needs to be up to 1800 grams or 4 pounds for him to come home, so we will now be counting up the grams to get him home. He loves to be held by mom and dad. He gave us a couple of cute smiles today too.

I will attempt to find the camera cord tomorrow and if that is not successful I will be buying one! Have to go to bed now, if my mom and dad see what time I posted this I will be in trouble!

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