Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talking Toddler Tuesday

It is time for confessions. I am super bad when it comes to baby books. I consider myself organized and OCD, but for some reason struggled with updating baby books. I will say I justify this or make it ok in my head because I keep this blog and do a decent job with pictures so the kids will have these to look at someday. I am super excited about the new sites that turn your blog into a book. I had thought about trying it on my own, but anything that slaps it in a book for me I am grateful for!

So, I decided I need to start blogging about things that the kids say and do so we will have that to remember too. So here are some recent highlights:

Clayton: Mommy we have to take care of babies
Mommy: Yes we do
Clayton: I take care of Boo Boo and you take care of Daddy :)

Yesterday we were walking out the door to go to run an errand. I had both kids and the dog and Keely was pulling. I was getting frustrated and Clayton says "Mommy I have your back".

Clayton sometimes forgets to use his manners and I will say "Clayton how do we ask" so now every time he asks for something it goes like this:
Clayton: Mommy can I have some milk
Clayton: How do I ask?
Clayton: Please can I have some milk
(Seems like a lot more work, but hey if it means he uses his manners I will take it)

Mommy and Daddy were "discussing" something the other night and Clayton says "Daddy calm down" HA

Maddie Boo can't talk yet, but Clayton sure talks for her sometimes. She is so funny and is starting to really let us know what she likes and doesn't like. She is not afraid of anything. She got a Little Tikes rocking chair for her birthday and she loves to get in it and stand up. Oh boy!

Ok, well more funny stuff to come, and some birthday posts too! Sure hope this weather gets better!

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